Both wget and yum timeout the connection.


When I use wget and yum to download web resources, both show a connection timeout. The firewall is down and I can ping, but I just can't download resources via wget and yum!

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You question is not very specific, but I assume since you are speaking of using wget and yum, that you are trying to reach the Internet from an EC2 Linux instance within a VPC.

Assuming that your ec2 instance has either an elastic IP or a public IP assigned to it, and the instance security group allows appropriate outbound TCP traffic, the most common reason for this type of timeout is if the VPC sub-net in which you have placed the instance is a private sub-net. This means that the route table associated with the sub-net in which your instance has been placed does not have a default route to an internet gateway that is associated with the VPC.


answered 8 months ago

There can be multiple reasons. W/o additional details, I would recommend Reachability Analyzer (*1) or VPC flow log (*2).



answered 8 months ago

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