Best path to learn Python (for AWS) - Most work will be lambda/cloudwatch work


Morning all, as a sysadmin with some OK programming skills in PHP, Bash, I want to goto the next step as I have a lot of cloudwatch alerts in palce, and sometimes CPU > X doesn't mean restart the box vs just goto that box, kill the java server, restart, etc.

So there is a lot out there, I am sure I can find someones example and update it if I look, but looking to see if there is more of an AWS type of track outside of the simple cloud9 path or will that be sufficient.

It would be great to learn more python for more tools in the belt as I do most with Bash, but as I said, with cloudwatch, I can't say run this shell script, so I want to say this is happening to server x01, run this lambda, that says oh, goto x01, kill java, start, etc. I see acloudguru and codeacadamy and someone may have input on those or others.

Thanks for help/advice on this one.

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If you want to continue to use Bash, you can integrate your CloudWatch alarms with AWS Systems Manager. A CloudWatch alarm can trigger a Systems Manager OpsItem or create an incident ( You can then automate the response to that OpsItem with System Manager automation which can run a script on the instance (

If you want to go the Python route, you'll need a solid background in Developing on AWS. We offer an AWS Ramp-Up Guide for Developers here: All of our AWS Ramp-Up Guides are here:

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