Why do I keep getting "You have exceeded the allowed number of AWS accounts." error even though I've only added 2 accounts to the organization so far?


When I try to add a new account to my Organization using either the Web UI or the AWS cli, I keep getting this error. I checked the quotas and I should be able to create 10 accounts. But however as of now I only have 2 accounts. It's the managing account and another account. This is the error I get when trying to use the AWS cli for this,

An error occurred (ConstraintViolationException) when calling the CreateAccount operation: You have exceeded the allowed number of AWS accounts.

I tried searching for a solution everywhere but it says to contact AWS technical support. But the problem is since I'm on Basic support tier, technical support isn't available for me and currently I'm not capable to afford the Developer support tier. I wouldn't be able to purchase it until my request for Startup credits with my startup enabling program is accepted. Even then I'm not sure if I could use those credits towards a support plan. So I'll appreciate any help.

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As per Quotas for AWS Organizations, while the default quota limit is 10

Newly created accounts and organizations may experience a quota below the default of 10 accounts.

You can request increases by using the Service Quotas console, going to Default maximum number of accounts, and click Request increase at account level. This will create necessary support case

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