Harvest Job Mediapackage failed, but why?


I have a MediaLive channel with output to MediaPackage. I want to save the output of MediaPackage to an S3 bucket, for which I am using a Harvest job. All the jobs I have tried take around 30 minutes to complete and all with the same result: failed. However, I am not getting any error message or anything similar. How can I find out what is happening?

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In general, invalid time parameters are by far the most common cause for harvest job failures. You can check the intended harvest start & stop times by requesting a manifest that spans those times. MediaPackage calls this 'time shifted viewing'. You can do this using curl or a browser. The extra URL parameters will be similar to:


When you have the times correct, a valid, playable manifest should be returned spanning those times. If the start or stop times aren't valid, try moving them earlier or later by one segment duration at a time. The full docs are at: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/mediapackage/latest/ug/time-shifted.html

Note1: Harvest jobs and time-shifted viewing rely on the Start Over Window (cache) for your playback endpoint being deep enough to supply the past segments you are requesting. The deepest SOW goes back 14 days.

Note2: if the formatting of the input to the MediaPackage channel changes at some time X, ( for example, if an audio rendition gets removed) , MediaPackage updates the "approved format" for output segments to match the current inputs. Older segments that don't match the "current approved format" are considered obsolete and won't be served. One way around this is to revert the channel inputs to the previous input format (which restores the previous 'approved format' ) and then try the harvest.

Note3: use an un-encrypted endpoint for your harvest jobs ( you can re-encrypt the content later if desired).

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answered 7 months ago

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