Recovering deleted EBS Volumes


We have deleted some EBS root volumes and haven't taken snapshots. Is there a way I can recover deleted EBS root volumes?

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Hi, you will not be able to recover your volume. See

After you delete an Amazon EBS volume, you can't restore the volume. If you created 
an Amazon EBS snapshot of the volume, then you can use the snapshot to recreate the 
volume to recover the data. It's a best practice to create snapshots of your volumes to 
prevent data loss when you delete a volume.

Sorry, Didier

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Afraid not, if there are no snapshots or other backups then the volume is gone forever.

Depending on the AMI, sometimes when an instance is terminated the root volume is not deleted by default, other times it is, like I said it depends on the AMI and the options used when launching the instance. So if you look in the Volumes section of the AWS EC2 console you may be lucky, but I expect you've already looked in there before coming on here and asking the question.

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