No instance size with 8 vCPUs and 128 GiB RAM for Windows Server and SQL Server on Amazon EC2


I was looking through available instance sized for Windows Server and SQL Server on Amazon EC2 and couldn't find one with 8 vCPUs and 128 GiB RAM.

Why is that?

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You could choose an instance size that is a 128gb and change the cpu on launch to match the number of vcpu you require.

You can specify these CPU options during instance launch. There is no additional or reduced charge for specifying CPU options. You're charged the same as instances that are launched with default CPU options.

This may not be what you’re looking for cost wise. Have you considered RDS?

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answered 4 months ago
  • RDS is much more expensive, especially when you need HA with EC2 with FCI compared to RDS Multi AZ with AG:

    RDS for SQL Server db.r6i.4xlarge (16 vCPU 128 GiB RAM) =$4438 x2 for Multi-AZ = 8876$ monthly RDS for SQL Server db.z1d.3xlarge (12 vCPU 96 GiB RAM) =$3902 x2 for Multi-AZ = 7804$ monthly EC2 r6a.4xlarge (16 vCPU 128 GiB RAM) = with Windows 1,361$ + MSSQL BYOL 674$ = 2035$ monthly EC2 x2gd.2xlarge = (missing for Windows+MSSQL BYOL - potentially could cost 1794$ monthly)

    I hope the x2g/x2gd instance classes will be available for SQL Server RDS/EC2 Windows+SQL in the near future.


Have you considered x2iedn.xlarge ? It has the memory you are looking for.

SQL Server is much more memory and IO intensive than CPU. Check out a guide we just published and look for Use the Optimize CPU feature for SQL Server workloads.

answered 4 months ago

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