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Hi all,

I am new and been trying to search the internet for an answer but to no luck. Please bear with me.

I have a AWS Free Tier account that I am using to trial some of my developing programs. I noticed I am getting charged for using KMS

$1 per customer managed KMS key version in Asia Pacific, 0.149 Keys, $0.15

When I went to my KMS console, I have the following keys

AWS managed keys

  1. aws/lambda
  2. aws/rds

AWS customer managed keys

  1. instance-scheduler-encryption-key

I have an instance scheduler (start/stop) for my RDS operating hours and I had used the default instance scheduler template provided by AWS. When looking in the template, I saw that the KMS is enabled or something.

My questions:

  1. Is the instance-scheduler-encryption-key causing the KMS to be billed?
  2. Am I getting charged for $1 a month for this customer managed key
  3. Or is it getting charged each time it is used?

And if this really due to the instance-scheduler-encryption-key, is it possible for me to delete this and have the instance scheduler work still?

Thank you.

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I am assuming you are in the correct AWS region within the AWS console when you are viewing your KMS keys. If you are indeed in the Asia Pacific region and in the Customer managed CMKs section of the console, the key you see there is the one you are being charged for.

As long as you have that key active, you will be charged $1 a month regardless of whether you use it. Before deleting the CMK go through this link to determine if that key is being used by RDS:

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Hi there,

Thanks for your response. Yes, it belong to the right Asia Pacific location (I removed the country intentionally).

  1. It is right to say that any CMK is not part of the free tier and every CMK will cost $1 per month?
  2. If it cost $1 per month for the current CMK I have, why is it not getting charged for $1 immediately and instead it is getting charge every day for that few cents?
  3. Wish to confirm again, CMK do not charge based on number of time it is being use, am I right?
  4. Was reading the article you suggested, it seem like CloudTrail is not free for free tier?

Sorry I am new to this whole AWS thing and this is all self learnt. Please bear with me.

Thank you.

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  1. CMKs are not part of KMS free tier.
  2. It is pro-rated.
  3. They are charged for number of times you used them. Those are API charges. See Key Usage rates here:
  4. CloudTrail pricing is here:
answered 4 years ago

Thanks. I think this answered my questions!

answered 4 years ago

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