EC2 image builder creating AMIs with encrypted volumes


I am trying to create EC2 AMI images using EC2 pipeline builder. Need to host these AMIs on AWS marketplace for distribution.

Issue is - the AMI that is created automatically creates a root volume that is encrypted. AWS Marketplace doesnt allow AMIs with encrypted volumes. I have tried disabling encryption on the volumes in EC2 pipeline builder recipe, but doesnt help

Looking for suggestions that will help me create AMI with unencrpted root volumes.

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Thank you for the response Shashank! Looks like my AWS account had default EBS encryption enabled, so every EC2 + EBS that was created was getting encrypted. Had to disable this global setting to get an unecrypted EBS and thus an AMI

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  • yes thats another option we have by default enabled.. Great to hear that you are good now..


Are you using custom AMI , generally when we use custom AMIs we encrypt the associated volumes , can you please check your custom AMI and if thats encrypted the image builder will create new AMI based on that image itself which results with encryption.

answered a year ago

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