Amazon Work Email Not Receive Emails Why? Until Now No-one Responded Since 2 days on Previous Post


Hi there

I am badly stuck in this issue, as last week I had created Amazon Work Email where I created the domain email like however, what I can see here I was able to sent email unfortunately I did not receives an emails why?

I tried to sent email through my gmail to my Amazon Work email user which is suppose unfortunately its gives an error

The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect.

Obviously I need an email that can receive not just I able to sent email through amazon work mail.

Hope you get my point.

What more setting do I need to add please provide in easy steps to get it done


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Hi, try to verify this steps:

Inbound mail issues:

Check the MX record for the domain associated with your Amazon WorkMail organization. WorkMail should be the only entry and should have the lowest priority. Multiple MX records can lead to the wrong service receiving messages. For more information about MX records, see Verifying domains. Check the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) settings for your organization in the Amazon WorkMail console. DMARC records are used to protect against common attacks, such as spoofing or phishing, that can compromise a user's account credentials. For more information about DMARC, see Enforcing DMARC policies on incoming email. Check the Amazon Simple Email Service inbound rule. If the rule contains actions other than Amazon WorkMail, those actions can fail and cause Amazon WorkMail to stop receiving mail. For more information about Amazon SES rules, see Integrate with Amazon WorkMail action in the Amazon Simple Email Service Developer Guide. Enable message tracking in Amazon WorkMail, and then check the logs for delivery problems. For more information about message tracking, see Enabling event logging.

Outbound mail issues:

Ensure your SPF record includes Amazon SES. Check the domains page in the Amazon WorkMail console to verify. For more information about SPF, see Authenticating email with SPF. Ensure Amazon WorkMail has permissions to use the domain. If not, add the domain again. Adding a domain in this guide provides the how-to steps.

When you send a email to your Amazon Work Mail, you will receive a message, analyze this message to more information.


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answered 10 months ago

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