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I have an EC2 Image Builder pipeline created via CDK Typescript. Every time I update a component or the recipe by updating base image id for example I have to update the component version, which makes sense. But when I try to run cdk deploy it replaces the old component/recipe with the new one. I don't find a way to create versions of components/recipe the way I can do via UI. How is versioning currently done with AWS CDK for EC2 Image Builder? Is this even possible?

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I understand that you would like to know how versioning can be done with AWS CDK for EC2 Image Builder.

In order to achieve this make sure to specify the version in the 'sematicVersion' field when creating a new version of component/recipe. Also, please note that 'semanticVersion' is a required field. Hence please check on how the recipe/component is being updated, is it by specifying same version or no version.

The following are few reference links relevant to your use case: [+] [+]

I hope the above information helps!

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