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How to establish connection between AWS Fargate task to an external SFTP server?


Trying to establish a connection from an AWS Fargate task in ECS to an external SFTP server. But the connection cannot be established despite providing the necessary Keys (required to build the connection) in the code. Objective is to connect to the SFTP server download files from there, process them and upload them to some other destination.

  • Do you have the error that you are receiving? What about the Security Groups? Generally speaking, NACL, SG and Route tables are the ones that you need to check for external networking connection. Please share the error and the rules for SG, NACL and Route table that you are using.

2 Answers

Have you considered the AWS Transfer Family to transfer the files to a target such as S3? Then enable the ECS task to process the file from S3 as a source. It might enable you to leverage the service which interfaces with STFP servers natively and then enable ECS to process the file.

answered 4 months ago

As Henrique suggested, I'd first spin a client (EC2 most likely) you can troubleshoot whether you have actual network connection possible from your VPC to the remote SFTP server. If that does not work, nothing will. If you are getting connection refused/timeout, there is either a firewall rejecting/dropping your packets or no route at all.

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answered 4 months ago

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