Can not create an aws nitro enclave instance



I am trying to create a nitro enclave instance with T3.large and C5.small, which are all supported by nitro hypervisor. However, when i enabled nitro, i can not create the instance with errors bellow:

Instance launch failed You cannot enable Nitro Enclaves for "t3.large" instance types. Specify a supported instance type and try again.

Launch log Initializing requests Succeeded Creating security groups Succeeded Creating security group rules Succeeded Launch initiation Failed

Can anyone help me?

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T3 instances are indeed compatible with Nitro-based ones.

However, as described in this document, nitro enclave cannot be used in T3.
The following requirements must be supported by the instance type.

Nitro Enclaves has the following requirements:

Parent instance requirements:

Virtualized Nitro-based instance

Intel or AMD-based instances with at least 4 vCPUs, excluding T3, T3a, and u-*

AWS Graviton-based instances with at least 2 vCPUs, excluding A1, T4g, G5g, Im4gn, and Is4gen

Linux or Windows (2012 R2 or later) operating system

Enclave requirements:

Linux operating system only

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