Can i delete AWS Glue Workflow Runs History?


Hello, first sorry for my English

We are facing an issue that, returns a time out using the method GetWorkflowRuns boto3, because we have a lot of runs in history And I'm not finding anything to help if I can delete that history

We thought to create another workflow with the same structure, but would be better to clean history from time to time

Anyone can help me?

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I am not sure why your GetWorkflowRuns method would timeout due to lot of runs in history. Could you pls check here if you are using the correct set of parameters? If it still doesn't work, I suggest contacting AWS support who may be able to guide you better.

On the deletion of these WorkflowRuns, unfortunately, there isn't any API available at the moment.

Thanks, Rama

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  • Thanks for the help, i'll see the link.

    We already contact the support to resolve the problem, and they just told us to increase the timeout time That was the explantion of the support: "As mentioned on the call, the GetWorkflowRuns API will first get all the workflow runs and then it will return the output on the basis of the maxresult mentioned in the API call. Since the runs are increasing daily, so the API will take more time to get the results."

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