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I want to store 500 MB of data in DDR and it should be feed to my design as 64 bit data continuously using 40 MHz clock (Note: 40 MHz clock is generated using MMCM). How to achieve this.?

Thank you.

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F1 has four 16GB DDRs so you may choose to save your data in any (or all) the DDRs. The description of DDR/DRAM interface can be found in the AWS_Shell_Interface_Specification.md#ddr4-dram

You will need SH_DDR instantiated in the op level CL as shown in our example design cl_dram_dma.sv#L535-L666. Please note that SH_DDR has 512-bit AXI4 interface.

If you need 64-bit data stream continuously from DDR then your datapath logic should be capable of issuing AXI4 Write/Read requests, and perform AXI4-to-Stream conversion. There are IPs available in Vivado IP Catalog to perform AXI4-to-AXIS conversion and width conversions. An example datapath would be as shown below:

{Customer Logic} --> AXI4-Read Request --> [SH_DDR]

{Customer Logic}<-- Convert to Streaming interface <-- AXI4-Read Response <-- [SH_DDR]


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks! Chakra

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  • Thank you @Chakra for your answer.

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