What is the result when overwriting a s3 object failed in the situation of object without versioning?


Hi there, In the situation of overwrite an existence S3 object, if the overwrite failed( client disconnect or network problem),will it corrupt the existence object?

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I thought that since the checksum value is used to verify the integrity of the data being uploaded or downloaded to Amazon S3, the possibility of data corruption even if the upload fails is extremely low.

Q: What checksums does Amazon S3 support for data integrity checking?

Amazon S3 uses a combination of Content-MD5 checksums, secure hash algorithms (SHAs), and cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs) to verify data integrity. Amazon S3 performs these checksums on data at rest and repairs any disparity using redundant data. In addition, S3 calculates checksums on all network traffic to detect alterations of data packets when storing or retrieving data. You can choose from four supported checksum algorithms for data integrity checking on your upload and download requests. You can choose a SHA-1, SHA-256, CRC32, or CRC32C checksum algorithm, depending on your application needs. You can automatically calculate and verify checksums as you store or retrieve data from S3, and can access the checksum information at any time using the GetObjectAttributes S3 API or an S3 Inventory report. Calculating a checksum as you stream data into S3 saves you time as you’re able to both verify and transmit your data in a single pass, instead of as two sequential operations. Using checksums for data validation is a best practice for data durability, and these capabilities increase the performance and reduce the cost to do so.

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