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Amazon has rejected my request to increase daily sending quota limits.

The Amazon SES Quota on my home page shows I'm in Sandbox mode and have a daily quota of 200 mails. It also states:

"Please request Amazon to raise your SES Sending Limits to be able to send to and from any email address as well as raise your daily sending quota from 200 to any number you need."

I put in a detailed request via the support centre ticketing system for a daily quota of 50 000, and provided the additional background info on request:

"I will send emails to my list received from advertisements once per day (excluding test emails), I will maintain my recipient list through granting them the option to voluntarily unsubscribe from my newsletter every day and by eventually remove a series of inactive subscribers from my email list every 30 days to prevent unnecessary spam and bounces. My email newsletters are a series of 6 repeated fond communications with the subscriber per week, with one inactive day. And all of these communications entail an introductory, soft and hard pitch promotion of my affiliate offer. A screenshot example of a snippet of my email swipes is attached in a PDF file below."

They Replied as follows


Thank you for submitting your request to increase your sending limits. We are unable to grant your request at this time because we do not have enough information about your use case.

If you can provide additional information about how you plan to use Amazon SES , we may be able to grant your request. In your response, include as much detail as you can about your email-sending use case and how you intend to use Amazon SES.

For example, tell us more about how often you send email, how you maintain your recipient lists, your website or app(please include any necessary links), and how you manage bounces, complaints, and unsubscribe requests. It is also helpful to provide examples of the email you plan to send so we can ensure that you are sending high-quality content.

You can provide this information by replying to this message. Our team provides an initial response to your request within 24 hours. If we're able to do so, we'll grant your request within this 24-hour period. However, if we need to obtain additional information from you, it might take longer to resolve your request."

I'd be grateful for some guidance on how to proceed. I felt I'd given enough context, and I can't conceive that the volume of mail I'm now pushing via a legacy server that is going to be taken offline would have an influence on Amazon services.

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I would submit the case again. If you can get by with a smaller limit, I would change that as well. You can always increase it again as your needs change.

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answered 2 years ago

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