Greengrass v2 IPC IoT Core messaging limits


When sending messages through the IPC IoT Core MQTT system ( ) , is there a limit to the number of messages queued / age of messages sent if the greengrass system is not currently able to connect to IoT?

Are they the same limits as on ?

Background: I'm using a greengrass component to send messages to IoT Core, and want to know if I should store / buffer data if the system is offline, or can I just let the IPC service handle sending the data when the device comes back online?

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Greengrass is a normal AWS IoT Thing, so all the regular MQTT limits imposed by IoT Core do apply in the same way.

Greengrass v2 has a message spooler for saving messages while offline. I'd recommend that you have a look at the Nucleus component configuration here: specifically the "spooler" section. It allows you to configure the amount of messages to keep (by bytes) and whether to keep or drop QoS 0 messages. Currently the spooler is only in-memory, so if Greengrass restarts the messages will still be lost.

Michael Dombrowski

answered 3 years ago

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