How to log AWS ECS Fargate tasks to AWS config


We use AWS config to track resource creation/deletion/modification, we wanted to track the creation/deletion of a AWS ECS Fargate task however it appears AWS config doesn't track ECS tasks only services. Can someone please confirm if this is correct and if it is can AWS please add this as a feature request?

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As far as I can see from this document, it seems that there are Config rules for task definition, but there are no rules for starting or deleting tasks.

If AWS managed rules are not available, it may be a good idea to create custom rules yourself.

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answered 5 months ago

AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition is in fact a supported AWS Config Resource type:

However, AWS Config does not record when a task is launched, only when the task definition is created or updated. Since launching the task does not modify the task definition, config does not record it

answered 5 months ago

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