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Forwarding traffic from an AWS IP address to another IP address


There is a machine for which I can only set one static inbound IP address. I'd like to set up an IP address on my AWS instance that forwards to that IP address so that I can connect from multiple locations.

Can someone give me some thoughts on the best way to set this up? I know I can set up an EC2 instance and throw something like nginx on it, but I wasn't sure if there was a simpler solution on AWS. Ideally I could just request a public IP, and say "Forward to this other IP address".

Thank you


1 Answer

I'm assuming that you're not asking about HTTP traffic - because you can do a redirect to another IP/DNS address quite easily.

Therefore, you do need to set up something (like Nginx or some other packet rewrite engine) which forwards the traffic for you. AWS doesn't offer a service that allows you to forward/rewrite IP traffic to another external destination.

You can use a load balancer to send traffic elsewhere but it only supports sending traffic to addresses within AWS or those connected to your VPC via VPN or Direct Connect.

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answered 2 months ago

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