Linked server connection from on-prem SQL Server to RDS MySQL?


I have a SQL Server database and a MySQL database (both on-prem) currently connected via a Linked Server connection.

I'm exploring migrating the MySQL database to RDS (SQL Server must remain on-prem), but would like to know if linked server connectivity will still be possible between MySQL on RDS and on-prem SQL Server. Has anyone successfully done this/know if it's currently supported, or can advise on any pitfalls for this approach? Thanks.

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There is a blog that shows how to do this with MSSQL Server -

I recently had asked this question about a link from on-prem MSSQL Server to RDS MySQL or RDS PostgresSQL on an internal forum and one of my colleagues who is a database expert had mentioned this and also shown a demo to my customer -

"Linked servers helps/enables the SQL Server Database to read the data from remote sources and run different commands against the remote database servers. We can create a SQL Server linked server that can access to mysql database running on RDS. Linked server can be created using SQL Server Management studio. Create an ODBC connection to external data from SQL Server Management studio. Create DSN (Data Source Name ) using ODBC connector. After successful ODBC connection to the MySQL server running on the AWS RDS, open SQL Management Studio and connect to MSSQL Server. Under Server Objects add a New Linked Server and select other data source as an options and enter the DSN name that has been created in the previous step. By this we should be able to connect to the MYSQL Server running in Amazon RDS."

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answered 2 months ago

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