Cloudfront distribution pointing to API gateway with CNAME not working



I have a landing page on cloudformation using API gateway and a lambda. I managed to issue a certificate for a domain in .com and registered it on Route 53. I want to create a Cloudfront distribution with this domain name as a CNAME, which would point to the API gateway output. Everything seems to be working fine, the distribution is created. See screenshot, it has the CNAME with certificate and everything. Cloudfront distribution settings However my .com is still not resolving in a browser even after waiting the whole night... My origin points to the correct output in API gateway: Origin in cloudfront distribution Output with same ID in cloudformation stack What's missing so I can finally see my .com in a browser? Page not resolving

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Have you created the cloudfront dns name in route53?

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answered 2 months ago
  • I've created a Domain Name in Route53 ("Registered Domains"), if that's what you mean

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