App Runner DynamoDB Timeout (rust)


I have a rust API container deployed using App Runner, and when I try to use the DynamoDB rust package to make calls to DynamoDB, I get http timeout errors.

This works fine locally when authenticated through the CLI, so the implementation seems correct.

I have a VPC set up with security groups all set to allow all outbound traffic and a VPC connector on the App Runner.

I have a role attached to the App Runner service config that allows full access to Elasticache and DynamoDB.

I'm able to connect to Elasticache Redis serverless in the same instance.

If anybody has any insight into this, it would be very helpful.

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When you use the AppRunnerVPC connector, communication will be performed via the connected VPC.
In other words, I think you can connect by setting up a NAT Gateway or DynamoDB VPC endpoint in the VPC to which AppRunner is connected.

When connected to a VPC, all outbound traffic from your AppRunner service will be routed based on the VPC routing rules. Services will not have access to the public internet (including AWS APIs) unless allowed by a route to a NAT Gateway. You can also set up VPC endpoints to connect to AWS APIs such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon DynamoDB to avoid NAT traffic.

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answered 2 months ago
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reviewed 2 months ago
  • This was it! Created a VPC endpoint for DynamoDB interface and gateway and it's working now. Thanks so much!

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