Remote desktop connection stops working



I have 2 EC2 Windows instances running for months and now I cannot connect using Remote desktop. It seens only ports 80 and 443 are still ok. Other ports I used like RDP(3389), MySQL(3306), Firebird(3050) etc. are not acessible anymore. I tried to create a complete new instance, with new security group and still can't connect with RDP.

Anyone know what could have changed so No instance allows RDP connection anymore?


  • Is your server residing in Public Subnet with IGW attached to it?

  • Yes. I'm always been able to access any service from any computer on internet. But now, suddenly, I cant connect with RDP (3389) or connect to Mysql (3306). IIS web Server works (ports 80 and 443). I didnt change anything. It just stops working. Newly created instances can't be accessed too.

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Have you changed the network ACL settings?

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answered a year ago

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