Billing Amount need Clarification


Terminated My All Instance, but Billing amount Increasing day by day what i do, but billing dashboard

total number of active AWS Regions:2 Total number of active services : 4

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Can I check which items on my bill have increased?
You can check the details by opening the invoice toggle as shown in the image below.
We recommend that you review the content here to see which resources are still incurring charges.
In the case of EC2, please check if there are any snapshots or EBS volumes remaining.

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answered 6 months ago
Accepted Answer

Have you looked in other regions to make sure there aren't instances? To see all resources in your AWS Account, not just the ones for the region you’re currently in, Go to the AWS Console, and then choose Resource Groups. You should be able to find all the resources you have deployed. You can limit the search to service you are being charged for.

answered 6 months ago

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