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I need to find my C name to my website, how do I go about doing this? I am a beginner, please walk me through the steps.

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Finding the CNAME (Canonical Name) for your website involves checking the DNS (Domain Name System) records associated with your domain. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you find the CNAME for your website:

  1. Log in to the website of the company where you registered your domain name. This could be a service like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or any other domain registrar you used to purchase your domain.

  2. Look for an option or section within your domain registrar's website related to DNS management or DNS settings. This is where you can view and manage the DNS records for your domain.

  3. Locate the CNAME Record: In the DNS management section, locate the CNAME record for your domain. The CNAME record should be listed along with other DNS records like A records, MX records, TXT records, etc. It may be labeled as "CNAME" or "Canonical Name."

  4. Once you find the CNAME record, you should see two main components: the "Name" or "Host" field and the "Value" field. The "Name" field specifies the subdomain or domain prefix (e.g., "www" for www.example.com), and the "Value" field contains the CNAME target or alias, which is the domain name or hostname the CNAME points to.

Note the CNAME Value: Take note of the value in the "Value" field, as this is the CNAME you're looking for. It typically looks like a domain name or hostname, such as "example.azurewebsites.net" or "www.example.com."

  1. Once you have identified the CNAME value, you can verify it by visiting the specified domain or hostname in a web browser. If the CNAME is correctly configured, it should redirect or point to the desired destination.

Make Changes (If Necessary): If you need to update or modify the CNAME record, you can do so within your domain registrar's DNS management interface. Follow the instructions provided by your registrar to make any necessary changes

Hope it clarifies and if does I would appreciate answer to be accepted so that community can benefit for clarity, thanks ;)

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