What is "No Tenancy" in Cost Explorer?


I was getting two very different sets of numbers in Cost Explorer between the Cost Explorer details linked from the EC2 Reserved Instances Recommendations, and doing my own filtering based on known instance types in tags in another window (costs and hours in my window were about double).

The filter that made them match up turned out to be Tenancy, where the RI page was specifically specifying Shared Tenancy, but I had no filter on, which was including both Shared and No Tenancy.

What does No Tenancy mean? I can find info on Dedicated, Shared and Default, but not "No Tenancy".

Note, there are no dedicated hosts being used.

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EC2 has "%BoxUsage%" related charges that will have one of your tenancy options listed. EC2 has other charges (like data transfer) that will be classified as "No Tenancy". You can first group by tenancy, get the total for "No Tenancy", then group by Usage Type, and add up all the non "%BoxUsage%" charges and you will find them to be equal.

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