Unable to restore objects from glacier deep archive


Can you please help?

I am new to AWS and S3. I created a bucket and uploaded files/folders to it back in late April. When I select one of more objects and then go to ACTIONS, initiate restore is greyed out. Replication is not enabled. I'm using the console, not CLI. I have tried using move and copy to a newly created empty bucket but the operations all fail. I just learned object lock is set on the bucket, which I was not aware of. But I should expect to be able to access and download my data. Has anyone run into this problem before?

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Hi User,

It seems like you might be selecting the entire folder which is why the option "Initiate Restore" is greyed out as restoring of objects on the console is done on an object-level. You would have to select individual objects (and not object of type "Folder") such that the option would be available.

Hope this helps!

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