S3 Objects count vs Metrics "Total number of objects"


I have an AWS S3 Bucket. The "Objects" tab of the S3 web console shows 77 objects, and the items are what I expect. The "Metrics" tab of the S3 web console shows a "Total number of objects" graph having the latest data point of 7,480 "AllStorageTypes." Bucket Versioning is disabled on this Bucket.

What are the 7,403 additional objects in the Bucket that are hidden from the "Objects" tab?

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In my case, the massive object count difference appears to be due to incomplete multipart upload objects hidden from the Objects tab. For details, see: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws-cloud-financial-management/discovering-and-deleting-incomplete-multipart-uploads-to-lower-amazon-s3-costs/

answered 2 years ago

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