How can I authenticate using IAM for local development of .NET application?


I am a federated user that has the security policy that any token generated lasts a maximum of 60 minutes. This makes generating access keys for AWS SDK no possible. I am creating a .NET application which access S3 buckets. If I run the program on a EC2 instance that has proper IAM access to the bucket, the program runs with no issues. Is there a plug or way to authenticate via IAM the script when working on my local machine? This would reduce headaches of spinning up a dev environment on a instnace.

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When you use the .NET AWS SDK it picks up the credentials on your computer. The SDK looks for a profile named "default". Take a look in your in ~/.aws/credentials, or %USERPROFILE%\.aws\credentials

If that is missing (or possibly named something else) you will have tell you S3 Client which credentials to use.

answered a year ago
  • I'm not seeing any help for authenticating without aws_access_key and aws_secret_access_key. On the EC2 instance, I can run the program since the instance has a IAM role attached. Keys don't work for local development because my company policy doesn't allow me to generate them.

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