Glue Data Catalog storage charge


I do not understand this charge.

$1 per 100,000 objects per month for AWS Glue Data Catalog storage 1,797,692.518 Obj-Month $17.98

What should I do in order to avoid it?

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Hi Shantanu,

I understand you're looking to get recommendations to avoid unwanted charges with AWS Glue. While the first 1 million objects stored are free per month. You're correct that the cost will be $1.00 per 100,000 objects stored that are above the initial 1 million.

In terms of your ask, a clearer understanding or your use case and service config would be needed to best be able to assist. Please consider reaching out to our Sales & Business Support team to via this contact form.

Alternatively, you can also reach out via a support case to discuss this with one of our Support Engineers. Check out this Knowledge Center article for more details on reaching out via a support case.


  • Kraig E.
answered 2 months ago

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