Connecting to AWS RDS Microsoft SQL Server with Multi-AZ (Always On) DB configuration and MultiSubnetFailover parameter in connection string fails.


Hello. I'm using AWS RDS Microsoft SQL Server with Multi-AZ (Always On) configuration and sqlcmd tool to connect to DB. But when I use 'MultiSubnetFailover' parameter in the connection string I get error: "Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server : Connecting to a mirrored SQL Server instance using the MultiSubnetFailover connection option is not supported.." My sqlcmd connection string is "sqlcmd -I -W -C -M -b -m-1 -d <db_name>" Does anyone have any ideas why this happens when using the 'MultiSubnetFailover parameter? Would be grateful for any ideas and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Please check It states that:

Amazon RDS exposes the Always On AGs availability group listener endpoint. The endpoint is visible in the console, and is returned by the DescribeDBInstances API operation as an entry in the endpoints field.
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