HEVC/H.265 not working with SRT to MediaConnect MediaLive


We are trying to setup a standard workflow of streaming HEVC to MediaLive via the SRT transport. If we stream using the AVC/H.264 codecs, it works fine. If we use HEVC/H.265, the MediaLive says it lost video and audio, that the probe is taking longer than expected, there's no video preview, and there's no output from the MediaPackage. The source is 720p @ 30fps. I've tried 29.97 as well. There is literally no examples of using the HEVC on any support channels or workflow examples. Any ideas on how to proceed in troubleshooting this? I've tried multiple software encoders on multiple devices from multiple locations etc.

  • Mediaconnect is fine. It just passes what it gets. My thought is try 720p/59.94. 720p/30 is not a SMPTE Broadcast video format. I'll work with you to get this operational.

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Just to confirm your workflow is an encoder sending an MPEG Transport Stream (TS), using SRT protocol to AWS MediaConnect, which then sends the TS, using RTP, to AWS MediaLive.

If your source stream starts with H.264 encoding, then is changed to HEVC encoding, that may cause MediaLive to indicate an error. Have you tried stopping the MediaLive channel, changing the source to HEVC, then restart the MediaLive Channel. Framerate of 30fps or 29.97fps should not be a concern.

Also, the SRT delay settings on MediaConnect and the source encoder should be matched.

What is the encoder being used to encode the HEVC and create the SRT? Is the HEVC a compliant version?

answered 2 months ago

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