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I am trying to add vpc controller and vpc webhook for my window worker node in eks cluster. I am using this command (eksctl utils install-vpc-controllers --cluster test-cluster --approve) for the creation of vpc controller and vpc webhook. I am getting the below error and vpc controller is being created but vpc webhook is not creating at all. Error: error installing VPC controller: creating CertificateSigningRequest: constructing REST client mapping for certificates.k8s.io/v1beta1, Kind=CertificateSigningRequest: no matches for kind "CertificateSigningRequest" in versions ["certificates.k8s.io/" "certificates.k8s.io/v1beta1"]

Please look into this as I am having trouble from this in my networking configurations further.

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The error indicates that the VPC webhook is failing to create due to an issue with CertificateSigningRequest resources.

  • Verify that the Kubernetes API server has access to create CertificateSigningRequest resources. This requires the certificates.k8s.io API group to be enabled.
  • Check that the IAM role used by the control plane has permissions to create CertificateSigningRequest resources. It needs permissions for the certificates.k8s.io API group.
  • Search the AWS documentation for information on troubleshooting CertificateSigningRequest creation errors. This could provide more context on the specific error.
  • Try re-running the eksctl command to install the VPC controllers and see if the error persists or provides more details.
  • As a test, try creating the cluster without a VPC endpoint first to isolate if the issue is specific to the endpoint creation.
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answered 2 months ago

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