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Dear Team - i know this is very high level question. What are the scenario or traffic pattern where we (mandatory or recommended?) needs two direct connect gateway ?

One scenario i think is "separate the production traffic from non-production traffic end to end (from VPC to customer router)"...any other thought ?

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Another reason is for DR purposes or different regions.

You may have a need for a 2nd DX for a DR site i.e. 2nd Datacentre. Lots of enterprises run DUAL data centres many miles apart for the same reasion AWS have multiple AZs.

Other reason is a DX in a different region.

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answered 2 months ago
  • Indeed, multiple DX connections for customers that require HA and DR. But the questions above were more about when customers leverage multiple DX Gateways, which is a global service.



The only time i have seen a customer leverage multiple Direct connect Gateway (DXGW) is when they want a lot of control of their connections, and influence the traffic based on their specific requirements - i see this verry rearly. If you connect your remote networks to this infrastructure with Direct Connect through Direct Connect Gateway (DXGW), you are not able to see this AS number information as it is masked by the DXGW, for example - but in general i would not recommend go for multiple DXGWs unless if you are meeting quotas limits.

I recommend segregating prod/non-prod traffic with leveraging firewalls (Security groups, network ACL's or networking firewall or other third party appliances) and not your DX connections (will be expensive!)

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  • Thanks and i think i did not clarify on the scenario i was thinking....please read as below

    separate the production traffic from non-production traffic end to end (from VPC to customer router)" on a single dedicated direct connect link*****

    not sure if firewall/SG/Appliance would help to achieve above....

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