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I have been asked by my company if there is a way to setup the Cloud environment to be able to connect locally from a user's VMWare Workstation 16.2 and VMWare ESXi Server v6-7. Is there a way to convert the AWS EC2 Instances to VMWare .vmx and .vmdk?

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There is a product called VMWare Cloud on AWS -

Typically that is used by customers that are running VMWare on their on-prem data centers and want to do a lift-and-shift to AWS.

If all you are trying to do is connect to your EC2 machines from your on-prem VMs, you can ssh to your Linux EC2 machines - or RDP to your Windows EC2 machines -

If you are not doing a lift-and-shift migration of your on-prem VMWare infrastructure to AWS, but rather building cloud-native infrastructure and applications from scratch on AWS, then it is important to ask the question why you want to create VMWare set-up in AWS? Is it just for operational familiarity with VMWare tools?

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  • Hi thank you for your answer, except I was asked to take the AWS EC2 and set up those EC2 instances onto VMWare ESXi and so it will also run on VMWare WOrkstation for our develepers to test out some things locally. So I am needing going in this direction AWS Cloud - To - On-Premise VMWare. (Not VMWare to AWS)...

  • Unless I am completely missing the point, what you are asking for is not possible. EC2 is AWS's mechanism for providing hardware on the AWS cloud. You cannot run EC2 on VMWare on your own data center.

    Having said that, we do offer something called Outposts that lets you run limited AWS infrastructure in your own data center, but the control plane will still be with AWS. If you want to learn more about Outposts, you can take a look at this document -

    Although I don't believe that's what you are asking for.

  • I am not sure what all you typed but I think I found what I am looking for here: This should be able to allow me to export to an ova or vmware .vmx and .vmdk...

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