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Hello, I only have one bucket with about 10-20 files saved in it; all of which are saved in the glacier deep archive tier. However, most of my bill for the past few months has been for Amazon Simple Storage Service fees, even though I haven't been uploading or downloading anything. Why is this the case, and how do I get the system to bill me exclusively for glacier deep archive storage instead of S3 standard storage?

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Hi There

There are a few reasons (versioning might be turned on, etc), but the easiest way to see exactly why you are getting charged is by using the cost explorer.

  1. Go to the Cost Explorer Service
  2. Change the date range to the past month
  3. Change the Group By Dimension to Usage Type
  4. In the Filters, under Service, choose Glacier and S3

Below is a screenshot showing you how to setup your report. From there you will see the breakdown of charges by service. You can also change the Dimension to API Operation to get more info.

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  • Thanks so much - this is helpful to learn that all of my data is being charged as S3 instead of Glacier. If my bucket is in S3, but then the objects in the bucket are under the Glacier Deep Archive storage class, why is the data being charged as S3? Do the objects have to be in an S3 Glacier Vault instead of an S3 Bucket? If so, what's the point of having a glacier deep archive storage class for objects in S3 buckets?

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