Why cant I route through a VM


I have a working fortinet AWSmarketplace VM, that can route packets through a VPN. I'm trying to set up a second VM, with a different VPN solution.

So, I'm trying to ping I have a test VM in the same AWS subnet. I force a route for through the first (fortinet) VM, set up packet capture, and do a test ping. packet capture shows that it sees the ping packets.

I change the route to point to the new VM. I copied the security group used by fortinet VM, to the new VM. Set up packet capture via tcpdump. packet capture shows if I ping the VM itself. But when I try to ping nothing.

What am I missing here??

I know that GCP has a special magical "let this VM route packets" setting for its VMs that is needed in this type of situation. but I havent found anything like that for AWS. Is it hiding somewhere unexpected?

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You must disable the source/destination check on the ENI. See https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/using-eni.html

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  • Thank you so much! That was it.

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