aws lambda and glue is not working


with reference to subject mentioned above ,i am a student who using aws (free tier) services specially to learn lambda and glue . but every time while creating glue job i am getting error like: Failed to update job [] createJob: AccessDeniedException: Account 533267272630 is denied access. please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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Please check your IAM Permissions. Ensure that the IAM user or role you are using to create the Glue job has the necessary permissions. AWS Glue requires specific permissions to run jobs, access data sources, and write logs or output. Check the IAM policy attached to your user or role to confirm it includes permissions like glue:* or more specific actions like glue:CreateJob, glue:StartJobRun, etc. Since this is just a test account, you can give AWSGlueConsoleFullAccess or full admin access to the role (not recommended but just to isolate the issue).

Also please do not mention your aws account in any post. Always mask it. Its security best practice.

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  • as per instruction given by you ,first i gave AWSGlueConsoleFullAccess access to role it is not working. Then after i gave full admin access to the role ,it is not working even. so please suggest me what to do.



If the IAM user you are using has the necessary policy attached to operate Glue, there may be an issue with your AWS account.
Therefore, we recommend that you open a case with AWS Support under "Account and billing".
Inquiries under "Account and billing" can be made free of charge.

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