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My question is assume you have bought 1 EC2 Instance family (t3) were all instance types are covered such as (t3.nano, t3.micro, t3.small, t3.medium, t3.large, t3.xlarge t3.2xlarge), and incase i am still in need of extra 2(t3.xlarge) & 1(t3.large), how should i match with the EC2 savings plan?

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Yes, you can choose to purchase Savings Plan for a part of your usage. Savings Plan work on hourly commitments (measured in $/hour) so when you purchase a Savings Plan you will be asked for the following:

Savings Plan Type - Could be Compute/ EC2/ SageMaker; Term - 1 year/ 3 years; Purchase Commitment - Here you need to enter the hourly commitment in USD; Payment Option - All Upfront/ Partial Upfront/ No Upfront.

If you go for EC2 Savings Plan, you will be asked for the Region and Instance Family details as well. This is because EC2 Instance Savings Plans give you the flexibility to change your usage between instances within a family in that region.

To understand what could be a baseline for your hourly commitment, you can view the Savings Plans recommendations provided in AWS Cost Explorer. Link-

In this case, as you have T3 you can have two EC2 Savings Plan depending on your requirements. Compute Savings Plan would provide you with the most flexibility while EC2 Savings Plan would provide the lowest prices.

Hope this helps and clears your question. You can also open up a support case in case you have any additional queries.

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