Unauthorized AWS account racked up charges on stolen credit card.


My mother was automatically signed up for an AWS account or someone used her credentials to sign up. She did not know that she had been signed up, and it sat unused for 3 years. Last month, she got an email from AWS for "unusual activity" and she asked me to help her look into it. Someone racked up $800+ in charges in 10 days for AWS services she has never heard of, let alone used (SageMaker, LightSail were among the services). The card on the AWS account is a credit card that was stolen years ago and has since been cancelled. So when AWS tried to charge the card, it didn't go through.

My experience with AWS customer service has been unhelpful so far. Mom changed her AWS password in time so we could get into the account and contact support. I deleted the instances so that the services incurring charges are now stopped. But now AWS is telling me to put in a "valid payment method" or else they will not review the fraudulent bill. They also said that I have to set up additional AWS services (Cost Management, Amazon Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, WAF, security services) before they'll review the bill. I have clearly explained to them that this entire account is unauthorized and we want to close it ASAP, so adding further services and a payment method doesn't make sense.

Why am I being told to use more AWS services when my goal is to use zero? Why do I have to set up "preventative services" when the issue I'm trying to resolve is a PAST issue of fraud? They also asked me to write back and confirm that we have read and understood the AWS Customer Agreement and shared responsibility model." Of course we haven't, because we didn't even know the account existed!

Any advice or input into this situation? It's extremely frustrating to be told that AWS won't even look into the issue unless I set up these additional AWS services and give them a payment method. This is a clear case of identity fraud. We want this account shut down.

Support Case # is xxxxxxxxxx.

Edit- removed case ID -Ann D

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First, I want to apologize for the wait and the frustration this situation has caused.

While we can’t discuss account or case details, via this platform, I can assure you that the issue is currently under investigation. Our team takes these matters seriously and will update you with any action needed/taken.

Please continue to address any further concerns or questions, with our teams, via your case.

Thank you,

  • Randi S.
answered 2 years ago

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