Is there a way to update connector configuration using MSK-connect API?


I have an s3 connector deployed on MSK Connect, and a repository on github with the json connector configuration file. I'd like to update the connectors configuration on demand via MSK's REST API. I've checked the API documentatio, but it seems like the UpdateConnector API only allows to modify the capacity configuration. The CreateConnector API does allow to provide connector configuration, but it returns an error if the connector already exists. I could delete and then recreate the connector, but this doesn't seem like a good approach.

Is there another way to update a running connector configuration?

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Hi there, yes it is currently not possible to update the configuration, to pause or stop the connector. Any changes to the connector config requires recreating the connector. The ability to update a connector configuration (with different settings, and different custom-plugins) is currently in the roadmap to be included in the future. There is no ETA that we can provide at the moment but please keep a tab of for the upcoming improvements.

answered 9 months ago

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