Unable to reserve dc2.large instance for Redshift, only ra3?


I need to optimize costs on my AWS account, and one of the things I want to do is to reserve a node for my redshift cluster. dc2.large instance is more than enough for me, however I am unable to select it from the dropdown menu, nor does it appear after calling AWS CLI:

aws redshift describe-reserved-node-offerings

Even the billing page recommends saving a lot of money by reserving these instances. I cannot find any information about this online and AWS pricing calculator and vantage.sh both suggest it is possible to reserve instances other than these managed ones.

Thank you.

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If you need a dc2 RI, you can reach out to your AWS account team to see if there can be an exception filed on your behalf to enable the purchase.

You are not alone, it's applicable for all the AWS customers and RI purchase of dc2 node type is removed. None of AWS customers would be able to see this available or reserve dc2 node, until/unless exception is granted with the help of AWS account team and service team.

Generally this happens, when there is a plan to deprecate certain node type in order to avoid any capacity/availability issues down the road. I've verified this by checking from 5 different AWS accounts and can confirm what you mentioned here.

AWS will be sending out official announcement soon if there is a plan to deprecate dc2 node type for RIs.

Hope this explanation helps, comment here if you have additional questions.


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answered 4 months ago
  • Thank you, that makes sense.

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