Unable to subscribe Aviatrix Secure Cloud Networking in AWS Market Place


Hi, From my AWS root user account I am unable to subscribe for Aviatrix Secure Cloud Networking and it throwing an error saying Invalid payment method You used an invalid payment method during your last attempt to create an agreement. Provide a valid payment method and then try creating the agreement, again. For more information, see Payment errors in the AWS Marketplace Buyer Guide. Not sure why but I am able to subscribe aviatrix co-pilot. Can someone please help me on this, ASAP.

Thanks, Satya Error sreenshot

1 Answer

Hi Satya,

I am indeed sorry for any delays you have experienced! I'd suggest taking a look at this document which may help you determine the best valid payment method: (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/marketplace/latest/buyerguide/buyer-paying-for-products.html). However, if this problem persists, please feel free to open a case directly with our Support team via go.aws/support-center.

-Dino C.

answered 3 months ago

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