InternalError creating EBS snapshot


With both web console and awscli, I get InternalError when trying to create a snapshot of an (8120GB gp3) EBS Volume.

Running awscli with --debug shows no additional error information. I can find no prior snapshots for the volume(s). I've never made snapshots with this account before.

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Hello, to troubleshoot an InternalError when creating an EBS snapshot in AWS:

  1. Verify permissions: Check if your AWS credentials have the necessary permissions for EBS snapshot creation. Ensure the associated IAM user or role has the required permissions.

  2. Check service status: Visit the AWS Service Health Dashboard to see if there are any reported issues or service disruptions with the EBS service in your region.

  3. Retry after some time: Wait for a while and try creating the snapshot again. Temporary issues can sometimes cause such errors, and they may resolve on their own.

  4. Test with a different volume: Create a snapshot of another EBS volume in the same region to check if the issue is specific to the problematic volume or if it persists across volumes.

  5. Contact AWS support: If the problem persists or you need further assistance, reach out to AWS support. Provide them with relevant error messages, timestamps, and the steps you've already taken for efficient investigation.

Remember, AWS support is the best resource for troubleshooting service-specific issues like InternalErrors.

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