using sourceIdentity in new Sagemaker studio instead of Sagemaker classic



I am a developer who needs sourceIdentity to be propagated for use in sagemaker studio.

Originally, in sagemaker classic, I managed to follow the instructions here: And I managed to extract and use source identity properly in IAM policies and trust relationships.

However, following the same instructions, when i use say Jupyterlab or Code Editor in Sagemaker studio, instead of studio classic, I can no longer access source Identity. Cloudtrail logs show that the field has disappeared. How do I enabled sourceIdenitty for Sagemaker studio new?

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For SourceIdentity Propagation you can try these troubleshoots as per Sagemaker documentation:

  • Enable it at the domain level during creation or update.
  • For domain creation, use the --domain-settings ExecutionRoleIdentityConfig=USER_PROFILE_NAME parameter with AWS CLI or create-domain API.
  • For updating an existing domain, include the --domain-settings-for-update ExecutionRoleIdentityConfig=USER_PROFILE_NAME parameter. Stop all apps in the domain before updating.
  • Single-user setups via quick setup automatically enable source identity.
  • Source identity allows administrators to view user profile names in CloudTrail logs for auditing and access control.
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answered 2 months ago

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