Updating a existing Dynamodb Item to change single attribute of it with just partition and sort key inputs in query


Hi All,

is it possible to update a single attributes of a Dynamodb Item with out overriding the existing details of other attributes ??

Example : attributes in a dynamo item -> Employee_Id(partition key), Employee_Department(sort key), Employee_Address, Employee_experience

and want to update only employee_experience with only providing Employee_Department (sort key) in query

Currently I am using the following query to update the Employee_experience however Employedd_address is getting overriden to empty after executing this query

Query ::

QueryEnhancedRequest.builder() .queryConditional(QueryConditional.keyEqualTo(Key.builder().partitionValue(Employee_Department).build())) .exclusiveStartKey(startKey) .scanIndexForward(false) .build();

Please kindly let me know if you need any further details

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You cannot update values of an item using a read api such as Query. You must use UpdateItem:


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  • Hi @Leeroy Hannigan, Thanks for the suggestion I changed the logic to update a item in dynamoDB which helped me to solve the problem Initially I used : employeeTable.updateItem(Employeeitem) Note : *EmployeeItem = the modelled item to be inserted into or updated in the database table.

    Updated logic: I updated the logic to use updateItem(UpdateItemEnhancedRequest<T> request) with UpdateQuery

    UpdateItemEnhancedRequest<Employee> request = UpdateItemEnhancedRequest .builder(Employee.class) .item(employee) .ignoreNulls(true) -> this actually helped me avoid overriding the existing data with null values in update query .build();

    Thanks for you help and pointing to me correct documentation

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