Private link access over direct connect - Direct Connect Gateway


Privatelink (Endpoint services) states support for connections over Direct Connect.

I'd like confirmation that this also applies in the cases where the customer's direct connect plugs in Direct Connect Gateway rather than having the VIF plugged directly in the VPC.


Customer A (service provider) exposes SaaS as a privatelink to customer B (service consumer).

Customer B requires private connectivity (governance) so they will provision an AWS account and DX for that purpose - rather than just creating the vif and attaching it to the VPC , customer B will connect it to a DX gateway and create the vif at the other side to the VPC, if customer A SaaS needs to DR to another region customer B can also 'DR' their connectivity to the same DR region as the SaaS app.

Valid setup/solution?

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Yes, you can reach VPC Interface endpoints (PrivateLink) via Direct Connect when using Direct Connect Gateway. And yes, you can of course attach VPC's in multiple regions to the same DX Gateway and access those Interface Endpoints in both VPC's.

answered 6 years ago
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