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A customer wants to migrate an application to a cloud based solution so they can make use of autoscaling and good bandwidth. Therefore, he asks for bandwidth figures to the Internet (not internal bandwidth figures) from different types of instances. And whether an autoscaling group shares a fixed amount of bandwidth or each instance multiplies the bandwidth, which he hopes it would if using a bandwidth metric to auto scale.

Could someone help with that?

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Whilst some instance types can clearly deliver 10Gbps or more of bandwidth you can't use all of this for internet-bound traffic. You should expect to see the following limits on internet egress bandwidth per instance:

  • Single Flow from one instance - 5Gbps
  • Multiple Flows from one instance - 5Gbps

In many scenarios, multiple flows from an instance can hit much higher limits (e.g. 25Gbps to S3, or over VPC Peering links), but for Internet egress there is a 5Gbps cap per instance. You can find this in the public documentation here:

Network traffic outside a cluster placement group (e.g. to the Internet) is limited to 5 Gbps (full duplex)

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