Increased read and write latencies on RDS MySQL instance after hardware maintenance



We're seeing a 60% increase in latencies on an instance that underwent a hardware-maintenance on Sunday (19th Feb, 2023). The read replica of this instance (that didn't undergo any such maintenance) has lower latencies. This is resulting in higher than usual disk queue depth as well. Could you please advise on how this can be fixed. There has been no change of any kind w.r.t. workloads.

If it helps, the instance is in the Frankfurt Region (eu-central-1c). The total IOPS is way less than 3 * storage. Burst balance is always at 100%

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For this kind I question, I suggest you to open AWS support ticket. Because it seems the behavior you observe is specifically happening in your workload.

I hope you get more detail from Cloud Support engineer.

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answered a year ago

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