Difference in size of S3 bucket between Storage Lens and summing export metrics


Using a Storage Lens export metrics csv file, if I group the files by a record type of 'PREFIX' and 'BUCKET', and then take the sum of the StorageBytes for each PREFIX in a BUCKET, this number is much larger than what is shown on the s3 Storage Lens console for the size of each bucket. I am wondering if this is due to compression of files on s3?

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The difference in the reported size of your S3 bucket between Storage Lens and the sum of export metrics could be due to a few factors. It might be related to the compression of files in S3, as compressed files will use less storage than their original size. Additionally, Storage Lens may aggregate or approximate data differently compared to the raw data in your CSV file. Ensure that the time frames and filters you're comparing are consistent. If discrepancies persist, consulting AWS documentation or reaching out to AWS support for clarification could provide more insights.

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answered 4 months ago

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